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Lan Kwai Fong’s Ultimate Guide to Pub Golf

Lan Kwai Fong’s Ultimate Guide to Pub Golf

Grab your crew and get ready for the ultimate night out in Lan Kwai Fong

Everyone loves a pub crawl, but there’s one variation that stands out above the rest: pub golf. For the uninitiated, pub golf is a drinking sport that combines the rules of golf with the banter of a night out.

Here we break down the rules for you, with your very own 9-hole course, to help you have the best golf game of your life. Print off your score cards, grab your tiny pencils and hit the greens, this is Lan Kwai Fong’s guide to pub golf.

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The Attire

When it comes to pub golf, dressing the part is half the battle. imagine the most hideous golf outfit you can, and then go even further. We’re talking plaid, knee-high socks, polo shirts—the works. Bold, clashing colours and prints are always a good idea. Head to Pottinger Street to pick up crazy socks, hats and maybe even a prop or two (inflatable golf club anyone?) You may not get any official points for having the most garish look, but you’ll earn the respect of your fellow competitors.


The Course

Like any proper golf outing, there’s a pre-set course. Yes, pub golf requires advance planning, but it’s worth it. First, decide if you’re doing a 9 or an 18-hole course, then map out your marks. Try not to make the route too complicated, or you’ll lose athletes on your way. The good news about Lan Kwai Fong is it’s basically a circle, so it’s easy to pop in and out of multiple places without straying too far. (Pro tip: save a rowdy place for last so you don’t get kicked out.)

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where to how to play pub golf lan kwai fong 2018Photo courtesy of Will Viles

The Par

Now that you’ve set your course, it’s time do determine the pars. Designate a certain drink at each stop, and assign it a par. In golf, a par is how many strokes it takes a player to complete a hole. Here, it’s how many sips to finish a drink. For example, a pint might be four-par, while a shot should be one-par.


The Scores

Each player is responsible for their own scores – remember, you’re proper sportsmen and honesty is valued above all else. The goal is to finish the night with the lowest score possible. If you complete the hole on par, you get 0 points. An additional point is awarded for every additional sip, and negative points are awarded if you finish below par. For example, if you finish a four-par pint in three sips, you’re given a -1. If you finish in 6 sips, you’re awarded +2. Got it? Good.

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The Penalties

Now this part is up to you and your team, but we say: the more penalties, the better. Come up with a list of forbidden actions, and assign each one penalty points. For example, spilling your drink could be a +5 penalty, while skipping a drink is a +15. Going home early and cheating are the two worst offences, and should be punished as such. +20 for those party poopers!

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The End

At the end of the night, the winner gets all bragging rights, while the loser faces a forfeit. The punishment is up to the organiser, but could be something like having to wear a horrible outfit out the next week, or buying the whole team a round.

Tazmania Ballroom in Lan Kwai Fong

When you’re done, dance the night away at one of the city’s top clubs, and don’t forget to tag your photos from the night with #LKF for a chance to be featured! PS- Don't forget to make your own score cards for the night.

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All photos are the rights of their respective owners.