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Future is Now – Moon Tang, Kiri T & Nancy Kwai, Live at the Big Top

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FUTURE IS N♀W marks the debut performance of three talented female artists carefully chosen from Warner Music Hong Kong’s roster. This event, true to its name, is a celebration of the outstanding achievements of women in the Hong Kong music scene. The line-up includes the beloved singer-songwriter Moon Tang, the multi-talented producer and singer-songwriter Kiri T, and the promising emerging artist Nancy Kwai. Prepare for an enjoyable evening filled with delightful, captivating musical performances from them.

Show duration: ~70mins


Moon Tang

With her soothing and sentimental style, the 23-year-old Thai-Chinese singer is one of the many fresh voices invigorating Hong Kong’s music scene. Known for her dreamy approach to alternative indie pop with the right amount of a bossa nova touch.

Her album ‘Water Comes Our of My Eyes’, released earlier in the year is unafraid to embrace her emotional vulnerability with her music and imaginative visual aesthetic. Her feature with Gareth.T ”Honest” was also a hit amongst the local and international listeners, reaching over 10M on streams.

Kiri T

Pop contemporary R&B, Singer-songwriter Kiri T is one of the leading artists in Hong Kong who specialises in Hong Kong English pop and is often No.1 on Hong Kong English song charts. She debuted with the single "I'm Not Here" in 2017 after graduating from the Berklee College of Music. Kiri focused on her music production in UK and US before returning to Hong Kong in 2019;she released popular tracks including Rearview Mirror and Twenty-Something (Luician Remix). In 2021, she released her 2nd album, CHILI T, covering viral songs like Psycho, 10,000ft. and Temporary.

Nancy Kwai

With her sweet appearance and ethereal voice, Nancy’s ‘fairy tale’ like vocals, has captivated many music fans. She recently released the music video for her song ‘Look into my Eyes’. She is often described Nancy as a goddess of fairy energy.

For a limited time, the Big Top will transform into a live music venue like no other. A specially curated line-up of local and international acts will take over the circus ring. From the finest DJ talent to an Abba-tribute sing-a-long to an orchestra, there is a show to suit all musical interests.

Limited seats are available for these matinee and evening shows. This is a live music extravaganza in a unique intimate setting that will have you singing and dancing the entire time.