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All You Need to Know About the 2023 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

All You Need to Know About the 2023 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

Art is a form of expression that continues to be an important part of our lives. It takes inspiration from almost anything, from the scenic views of a mountain top to even the simplest tasks in our mundane lives and evokes emotion that words can’t fully describe. It teaches us to be critical yet creative with an open mind at the same time. When we look at a piece, we visualise its intent and try to understand the deeper meaning behind it. Simply looking is already a learning experience, but why stop there?

Art is in every corner of our city, with some of it being immortalised into mediums that we can display or hang on our walls. While their price points can often rake in multiple digits, not all of them are valued out of our wallet’s reach.


The Return of Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 

Now on its 10th year, the Affordable Art Fair returns to Hong Kong on May 18 with 93 galleries from 15 countries celebrating contemporary art that ranges from paintings and sculptures to drawings, print, and mixed media. The fair, which was first held in London in 1999, sticks to its goal of bringing art closer to everyone, with works on display priced between HK$1,000 and HK$100,000.

Seasoned collectors and first-time buyers can explore the showroom floors with works from a diverse lineup of creative stars, including 270 new artists and 11 galleries that will join the fair for the first time.

To be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, this year’s iteration spotlights abstract creations from emerging talents, representing personal reflections and how they intersect with creativity and the artists’ chosen medium. For this year’s Special Projects, the fair will turn its focus on Hong Kong’s dynamic culture through large-scale installations.

Aside from snagging pieces to adore bare walls, visitors can also attend workshops, talks, and tours scattered throughout the four-day event as part of the fair’s mission to instill art appreciation among visitors. Since its launch in May 2013, the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong has been attracting about 25,000 fairgoers annually, cementing its ever-important role in the city’s creative community.


Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong: Galleries and Artists to Check Out

To help make the most of your visit, here’s everything you need to know about the 2023 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong’s participating galleries and artists.

B&K Gallery


Based in Hong Kong, B&K Gallery is a mother-son collaboration that aims to support artists, like-minded collectors, and creatives. For the 2023 Affordable Art Fair, the gallery will showcase creations from a female-led lineup of artists from the U.K., France, and Hong Kong.

La Galerie Paris


Melding Western and local influences, La Galerie Paris is known for their fine art photographs and works from young talents that present the city from a modern perspective. This year, they will join the fair with a curation of works from nine artists highlighting digital art.

Shout Art Hub and Gallery


One of the new galleries to join the fair this year, Shout Art will present works by Hong Kong and international artists in its booth. Joining the roster is Hungarian Dalma Göncz, whose works explore social issues through shimmering structures on canvas.

Whateversmiles Gallery


Whateversmiles Gallery’s in-house artists, including Yan Ip, Inmanyi, and Luke Luk, will showcase their works that meld the old and new by toying with painting textures, bright colours, and elements found in nature.

Loktung Wong – HKI Gallery


Hong Kong-born, self-taught artist Loktung Wong specialises in merging realism with abstraction to portray the complexity and fragility of mankind. Wong's ink pen and finger paintings attempt to represent how beauty, serenity, and direct emotion can coexist with distortion and brokenness.

Darius Ma – Galerie Koo


Post-war and contemporary artist Darius Ma is known for his artistic approach that involves gestural brushstrokes. Since graduating in 1979, Ma has been active in graphic design and painting collaborations with Asian artists such as Fish King (魚王) and Yu Kewei (余克危). Ma used Chinese ink and acrylic to create the dynamic painting “Ode to Soul Mountains.”


Larry Leung Lap Yan – daap3 toi4

(Photo credit: Affordable Art Fair Website)

Larry Leung Lap Yan, who is best known for his mastery of the "zong fong" technique, will present his works that play with various brush strokes to convey his artistic expression. Chinese art is the heart of his creations, which include ink paintings, wood works, and ceramics.


Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong: Talks and Workshops

Organisers are also mounting talks and workshops throughout the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong as part of their mission to bring art closer to all ages.

On May 19 at 5pm, “Very Street, Very Hong Kong” will see MC Yan, named “Asia’s Best Graffiti artist” by TIME Magazine, Jason Dembski of HKwalls, and Professor Kevin Tsui explore the city’s street art and its impact on local culture. At the centre of the conversation is the emerging challenge of destigmatising street art as mere graffiti, while underscoring its contribution to urban creativity.

Extending this talk on the 20th, MC Yan will share more of his experience as a street artist for 20 years and how this genre evolved throughout the years.

If you are raising budding artists, have them join the “Art Loop Workshop and Tour,” a one-hour immersion course that will let kids aged four to 12 explore gallery booths and curated projects as guided by professional instructors. They will also get to create their own masterpiece inspired by David Hockney's portrait of 82 people by the end of the workshop. This workshop is priced at HK$250, which includes a tour t-shirt, tour book, art workshop materials, and a guided fair tour. 

Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong: Tickets

The 2023 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong will have its kick-off night on May 18 at 4pm and run until the 21st. Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite, with four tiers available.

  • Opening Night & Fair Pass: HK$320
  • Public Opening: HK$180
  • Public Opening with Family Bundle (2 tickets or above): HK$165

Public Opening with Concession (Citizen 65 years old or above OR full-time students): HK$135

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