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Join the Party: Asia's 50 Best Bars Guest Shifts You Don’t Want To Miss

Join the Party: Asia's 50 Best Bars Guest Shifts You Don’t Want To Miss

The prestigious Asia's 50 Best Bars awards ceremony returns for its eighth edition on July 18, making its debut in Hong Kong. It is a celebration of the diverse and innovative bar scene in Asia, and a chance for bartenders and bar enthusiasts from around the world to come together and experience the best that the region has to offer. 

As the first full-scale reunion since the global pandemic for the bar community, Hong Kong’s vibrant and innovative bar scene makes it an ideal location, according to Asia's 50 Best Bars content director, Mark Sansom. Despite tight border controls over the past three years, Hong Kong has continued to deliver exceptional bar experiences.

The live ceremony will honour 50 outstanding bars from across Asia, unveiling the highly anticipated 50 Best Bars ranking for 2023. In celebration of this event, a series of must-see guest shifts for bartenders will take place during Asia's 50 Best Bars. Hosted by some of Hong Kong's top bars, these events will feature guest bartenders from around the world, showcasing their skills and signature cocktails. With the awards ceremony taking place on July 18th, here are our top picks of most-exciting guest shifts to experience some of the best talent in the region.

Mon - 17 July:

  1. Nico de Soto (Danico, Paris and Mace, New York) at DEAD& (Hong Kong). 10pm-close.
  2. Patrick Pistolesi (Drink Kong, Rome) at Bar Leone (Hong Kong). 5pm-midnight.
  3. Marco Dongi (The House on Sathorn, Bangkok) at Thirsty Shaker (Hong Kong). 8-11pm.

Tue – 18 July: 

  1. Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023 Ceremony at Rosewood (Hong Kong). 6-11pm.
  2. Sami Terki and Michael Callahan (Barbary Coast, Singapore) at Dead& (Hong Kong). 10pm-1am.
  3. Asia’s 50 Best Bars Ceremony After Party: Giancarlo Mancino and Elena Urbani (Mancino Vermouth); Giovanni Andrea Magliaro (Reka:Bar, Kuala Lumpur); Pietro Rizzo (The Aubrey, London) at The Wise King (Hong Kong). Midnight-5am.

Wed - 19 July: 

  1. Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023 closing party at Aqua & Hutong (Hong Kong). 1-4pm.
  2. Indonesian Bar Crawl with The Cocktail Club (Jakarta); Pantja (Jakarta); Wishbone (Semarang) and Secret Society (Hong Kong) at DEAD& (Hong Kong). 9pm-late.
  3. No Sleep Cafe Pajama Party: Juan Yi Jun (No Sleep Club) at Ponty Cafe (Hong Kong). 3pm-8pm.
  4. Analogue/Native (Singapore) at Penicillin (Hong Kong). 4-6pm.
  5. Hayden Lambert (Above Board. Melbourne) at Bar Leone (Hong Kong). 5-7pm.

Thu - 20 July: 

  1. Chanel Adams (The Bamboo Bar, Bangkok) at PDT (Hong Kong). 5-11pm.
  2. Rob Scott (Flor De Cana) at The Daily Tot (Hong Kong). 8pm-onwards.
  3. Iain McPherson (Panda & Sons, Edinburgh) at Quinary (Hong Kong). 8-11pm.

Friday – 21 July:

  1. Chanel Adams (The Bamboo Bar, Bangkok) at PDT (Hong Kong). 5-11pm.
  2. Volkan Ibil Backroom, Manila) at The Social Den (Hong Kong). 8 – 11pm. 
  3. The Old Man 6th Anniversary with Filippo Sanchi of Lennon’s Bar, Bangkok (6 – 8pm)  Terry Kim and Leo Kim of Alice, Seoul (8 – 9pm)  Davide Sambo of Zuma, Bangkok (9:30pm – 1am Awaraa and Ka of Il Punto, Ulaanbaatar and Duku of Wallstreet, Ulaanbaatar (11pm – late).

Sat – 22 July:

  1. Rob Scott of Flor De Cana @ Social Den 8pm – 11pm.
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