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REVIV HK Intro Pack | Hydromax IV Therapy and Vitamin B12 IM Booster

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Turbocharge and boost your body with REVIV HK’s Intro Pack.

REVIV’s Hydromax IV Therapy rehydrates and rebalances your body’s core minerals, and combined with the B12 IM Booster to increase energy levels and boost immunity.

Refresh and replenish your body essentials to start your day with REVIV HK’s Intro Pack for only $1096.


REVIV Hong Kong is located in Central and staffed with a team of highly qualified medical professionals led by their HK Medical Director, a registered Hong Kong doctor of over 25 years experience. Come in to REVIV HK and walk away looking and feeling your best to make the most of the city of Hong Kong.

All of REVIV’s wellness IV drip therapy and IM booster shots embrace an Eastern philosophy of balance with a Western approach to wellness. With a selection of five signature IV therapies and a presence that spans the globe, REVIV are the world leader when it comes to IV and vitamin wellness.

Developed by a team of clinical physicians, REVIV's IV therapies have been designed to offer health, beauty, recovery and wellness benefits for your body. From helping you to recover from a cold, rehydrating you following exercise or easing the symptoms of allergies, our IV drip therapies are fast acting and have lasting benefits.

Please note:

  • Eligibility of our services is subject to REVIV medical protocols.
  • Availability of appointments is subject to the confirmation of the REVIV team