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Mania – The ABBA Tribute, Live at the Big Top (4pm)

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The original tribute from London’s West End.

This tribute takes you back in time by recreating one of the world’s finest pop groups in a live stage performance. This highly polished and professional production was created in 1999 and played its first show in 2000. In 2002, it played 18 weeks in the Strand Theatre London re-creating the ABBA phenomenon for fans from all over the world.

The show has toured internationally in regions as far afield as Venezuela, North America, Tahiti, Mexico, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Luxemburg, and now, Hong Kong, making this the world’s most successful touring ABBA tribute show.

As they continue to tour the globe, ticket sales for most venues sell out long before the show hits the town. Don’t miss out on this show. You’ll be sure to be “having the time of your life

For a limited time, the Big Top will transform into a live music venue like no other. A specially curated line-up of local and international acts will take over the circus ring. From the finest DJ talent to an Abba-tribute sing-a-long to an orchestra, there is a show to suit all musical interests.

Limited seats are available for these matinee and evening shows. This is a live music extravaganza in a unique intimate setting that will have you singing and dancing the entire time.

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