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Romain FX: A Musical Journey from Hong Kong to Global Success

Romain FX: A Musical Journey from Hong Kong to Global Success

In the bustling city of Hong Kong, a young talent emerged, setting the stage for a remarkable musical journey. Romain FX, a DJ and producer, honed his skills in the vibrant nightlife of Hong Kong and has since made a name for himself on the global stage. As he returns to Hong Kong this Friday to perform at Basehall2, we caught up with Romain FX to delve into his musical journey, and his connection to Hong Kong. 


Humble Beginnings: Finding His Beat in Hong Kong

Having also grown up in Taiwan, America, Frenchman, Romain FX's story begins in Hong Kong where he discovered his love for music where he got inspired by the city's dynamic atmosphere and diverse music scene. "I vividly remember the beginning of my journey in Hong Kong. It all started with my inaugural gigs as a DJ for the Hong Kong Pub Crawl events in Wan Chai back in 2008 when I was just 18," recalls RFX. “Those early experiences laid the foundation for my deep involvement in event organization and allowed me to connect with the vibrant music scene of the city." 


From Hong Kong to Global Recognition

Through countless hours of practice and dedication to curating events, digital radio stations and his own production, RFX gained recognition quickly for his exceptional talent and distinguished sound. "I've been deeply involved in event organization, co-founding events with Cliché Records and contributing to festivals like Roofest & Shi Fu Miz," shares RFX.

"Establishing Fauve Radio, the first full-time, award-winning, live streaming web radio in Hong Kong, was a pivotal moment in my career" RFX explains. "In music production, I released my first EP, 'The Drive,' on my own imprint, and since then, I have had the privilege of releasing music on over 26 labels.”


Trailblazing Underground Sounds in Asia:

Despite swiftly rising as a prominent figure in the Asian music scene, RFX encountered numerous challenges that he describes as a double-edged sword. "We found ourselves in an exciting and emerging 'niche' music scene in Asia during that period," explains RFX. "There were plenty of unexplored opportunities, and we were thrilled to be pioneers shaping it. The projects that emerged were brimming with potential."

However, RFX also acknowledges the lesser-discussed challenges within the scene. "From egos arising due to the success of certain events or venues coupled with the struggle of dealing with high rents and occasionally less-than-packed parties, which led to concerns about turnouts caused some promoters to engage in rivalries instead of collaborating and sharing resources. Consequently, it resulted in divisions among key players, ultimately impeding the growth of the music scene and forced newer crews to choose sides."

Remaining optimistic about the future of the scene, RFX believes that the increasing engagement of the local community and the emergence of fresh talent will propel the music scene forward. "The rapid turnover of people coming and going in many Asian cities poses an obstacle to cultivating a consistent audience. However, things are progressing rapidly, and it's inspiring to witness the locals actively participating by establishing their own venues, organizing parties, and launching labels."


The Global Stage: Making Waves Internationally

While RFX's journey began in Hong Kong, his talent has propelled him to international acclaim. "The Boiler Room event was undoubtedly the catalyst for my career, and I am immensely grateful to Shi Fu Miz for making it a reality," RFX expresses with gratitude. "It marked both a 'culmination' and a 'new beginning' for me because we succeeded in bringing Boiler Room to Hong Kong, which allowed us to showcase the genuine essence of the local scene, making me feel like I had accomplished my mission after 12 years of hard work."

As RFX reflects on his career highlights, he acknowledges the significance of performing at iconic venues. "Venues such as Panorama Bar, REX Club, Womb, Red Light Radio, and Wonderfruit have been among my biggest highlights," RFX reminisces. RFX also emphasizes the importance of hidden gems and the genuine connections forged in smaller venues. “From Sado Maso Disco in Manila, Zodiac in Jakarta, Macadam in Nantes, Abstrack also in Nantes, Transport parties in Bangkok, Badaboom in Paris, IBOAT in Bordeaux, Observatory in Saigon, Piñata Festival in Montpellier, Electro Brunch in Grenada, Post Club & Peronas in Lithuania, and the list truly goes on."


The Homecoming: Romain FX Returns to Basehall

When asked about returning to Hong Kong, RFX shared his excitement, stating, "Hong Kong holds a special place in my heart. It is where my passion for music was nurtured, and I am thrilled to be coming back to perform at Basehall. The energy of the city and the incredible support from the local crowd always inspire me to push the boundaries of my craft."

Reflecting on his global success, RFX expressed, "I believe in the power of music to transcend borders and connect people. My goal is to create an immersive experience for the audience, taking them on a journey through sound and emotion. It's a privilege to share my passion with the world."


Catch Romain FX live this Friday August 25 at Basehall02 with Salon 10 x Mixmag Asia proudly present Romain FX and Midnight Runners. Get your tickets here.



Follow Romain FX on his musical journey and DJ tour here

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