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Lan Kwai Fong Guardian Charter Launch Ceremony

Lan Kwai Fong Guardian Charter Launch Ceremony

Lan Kwai Fong’s first-ever partnership with Central Police District in promoting public safety

(Hong Kong, 2 May 2018) – In order to promote Lan Kwai Fong as a safer, more orderly and pleasant entertainment mecca for visitors, the Lan Kwai Fong Association has joined hands with the Central Police District along with the Lan Kwai Fong Community to establish the “Lan Kwai Fong Guardian Charter” (“the Charter”).  Its Launch Ceremony was held on the 2 May to signify the Lan Kwai Fong Community’s full implementation of the Charter.  The Charter aims to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence, stop opportunistic crimes, safeguard the personal safety and property of visitors and to promote a “Play Safe, Play Smart!” idea to visitors of Lan Kwai Fong.

Two-month pilot scheme implemented with great success

18 Lan Kwai Fong outlets have already partook in a two-month pilot scheme, where they undertook to implement a series of good practices, such as verifying customers’ identities in credit card transactions, setting-up storage facilities and encouraging customers to use such, helping customers at risk, informing Police of any suspicious or undesirable characters and preventing intoxicated persons from entering their outlets.  The two-month pilot scheme has achieved noticeable results, receiving positive support from the Police, outlets and the public, facilitating the full implementation of the Charter.

Riding on the success of the pilot scheme, the Charter held its Launch Ceremony on the 2 May, with the District Commander of Central Police District, Chief Superintendent of Police, Mr. Lui Kam Ho, Derek and the Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong Association, Dr. Allan Zeman addressing the Ceremony.  The launch also showcased a short promotion clip, included a certificate presentation session and was concluded with a tour around Lan Kwai Fong by Chief Superintendent Lui and Dr. Zeman.

Chief Superintendent Lui stated, ‘The Police endeavours to build a strong partnership with the Community.  The Charter is an innovative community-policing program.  Through close cooperation with the Lan Kwai Fong Association and over 40 outlets, we aim to provide the public and visitors with a safer entertainment environment where they could enjoy themselves fully.’  Dr. Zeman added that, ‘Lan Kwai Fong has been a tourist hotspot for over 40 years.  Not only offering up international delicacies and beverages, Lan Kwai Fong outlets also places great import in making Lan Kwai Fong a safe, orderly and pleasant entertainment environment for everyone, regularly organising seminars and events to enhance the professionalism and standards of security.  With the support of the whole Lan Kwai Fong Community, upon the launch, over 40 outlets had already joined the Charter, demonstrating that outlets share our same concern for a safe and orderly Lan Kwai Fong and its development.  We hope to promote a “Play Safe, Play Smart!” idea to visitors and the greater public!’.

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