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#PeopleofLKF: Dr. Pura Cheng Shares Her Passion for Aesthetic Treatments and Empowerment

#PeopleofLKF: Dr. Pura Cheng Shares Her Passion for Aesthetic Treatments and Empowerment

New to the neighbourhood, meet and greet with Dr. Pura Cheng, MBBS (HK), PgDipPD (Cardiff), Medical Director of DP PLACE, not your average aesthetic medicine practitioner.

Recently we sat down with Dr. Cheng at her centre, DP PLACE, specialising in a synergistic approach to medicine and aesthetics by providing clients with effective, medically proven treatments. DP PLACE is in the heart of Central at the 1 LKF Building, in the midst of other high-quality wellness and beauty businesses.

From the moment we stepped into her clinic, we felt an instant sense of calm, from the polished and cosy clinic itself and the warm welcome from the team.  Dr. Cheng’s caring nature is also reflected on her office walls, with photos of her three children lovingly displayed on the same wall as her impressive professional qualifications. 

We sat down for a chat and to find out more about why DP PLACE is so special.

What inspired you to move on from family medicine practice to focusing on aesthetic medicine practice? 

“I practised family medicine from the University of Hong Kong. After starting a family, I wanted to transition myself into the private medical sector, which allows more flexibility for my various roles in both professional and family life. Following 7 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, practicing in a family-owned centre allows me to demonstrate my skill set, and fulfil my passion: to encourage aesthetic appreciation and empower people.”

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People today are more interested in aesthetics treatments than ever before, what do you think the trend will be in the next few years for this field?

“The industry is moving toward the direction of taking preventive measures against ageing signs and having faster results with higher effectiveness. There is a decrease in the average age of patients. Some of them are in their early twenties. There has also been an increased demand for hair growth and scalp care. Patients no longer focus on the face and neck only. Instead, they care for their entire body from head to toe.” 

What stereotypes about aesthetic treatments would you like to put to rest? 

“That only superficial people who are obsessed with their appearances and have nothing better to do in their life would go for aesthetic skin treatments – It is untrue. Our patients are high achievers in the society. They have very successful and purposeful lives. Aesthetic skin treatments support anyone who loves themselves and people around them, and is committed and empowered to living the most beautiful version of themselves.”

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What are your plans for the future of DP PLACE? 

“To become the no. 1 go-to aesthetic skin care service provider, and further nurture a community of other medical experts and health specialists, so that our patients can have a one-stop medical centre for holistic health.”

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Can you tell us more about your product line? 

“We launched a skincare line in 2021 as supplementary home care to our treatments. The combination of treatments, prescriptions, and skin care products provides a total solution to our patients. To best serve our patients, I persist on sourcing products that are paraben free, medical grade, clinically tested in the U.S. and Japan.”


Do you have a special story to share from your experience in the field? 

“We have patients that come to us for Feng-shui-proof facial features. It is a common belief in Hong Kong – by removing certain moles, and lines or having other facial feature alterations, their quality of life can be improved. The changes in facial features may even influence how people perceive themselves. We are committed to supporting our patients in feeling more at ease, balanced, and empowered with themselves.”


So why set foot in Lan Kwai Fong?

“Lan Kwai Fong is one of the most iconic and prosperous locations in Hong Kong. The loving and vibrant community in this neighbourhood is what attracted me to set foot here.”

Highly recommended by Dr. Allan Zeman, “Dr. Pura Cheng is very professional, shares a deep knowledge of medical skin treatments, aging and also how to maintain healthy skin, delay aging as well as a deep understanding of her products, the treatments that she offers to her customer.”


Address: DP PLACE, 10/F, 1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong

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