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Hong Kong’s Best Waterfall Hikes

Hong Kong’s Best Waterfall Hikes

Summer days are fast approaching, so cool off during one of these refreshing waterfall hikes

Most people in Hong Kong love a good hike. In fact, we’d go so far as to say it’s the unofficial sport of the city. On any nice day, Hong Kongers flock to the furthest and highest peaks, chasing beautiful scenery and a heart-pounding workout. But now that the temperature is climbing, it can get too hot for most people—but there’s still a way to enjoy the great outdoors: a waterfall hike!

Work up a sweat and then wash it all away with a refreshing dip in one of Hong Kong’s beautiful waterfalls. Read on to find out our top picks for waterfall hikes in Hong Kong.

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Bride’s Pool

waterfall hiking hong kong 2019

Relatively easy to reach, Bride’s Pool is a beautiful little spot to trek to in warmer weather. The story goes that a young bride was being transported to her husband, when one of her porters slipped, toppling her sedan and causing her to drown in the water. Don’t let the sad story put you off from this waterfall and natural swimming pool, it’s the perfect way to cool down after (or before!) a long hike.


Tai Tam Mound Waterfall

You probably know Tai Tam for its famous reservoir walk, but did you know there’s also a waterfall? This one will take a bit of exploring to find, but it’s well worth it. Only an hour away from Central, it’s one of the easiest waterfalls to explore in Hong Kong. It’s a family friendly option that suits hikers of all fitness levels, and it makes a great picnic spot too!

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Sheung Luk Stream

best waterfall hikes hong kong 2019
Crystal clear pools of water, delicate waterfalls and perfect cliff-jumping opportunities wait for you here in Sai Kung. This is a shorter hike (you can do it in around an hour if you’re quick!), but it might be one of our favourites. Most people tend to stop here on their way to Ham Tin, but if the conditions are right you can easily spend the whole day here, splashing around between the multiple falls and pools. Getting here can be kind of tricky, so it’s best to go with someone who knows the area well!
best waterfall hikes hong kong 2019


Ng Tung Chai

Up to a challenge? Scale Hong Kong’s tallest peak, Tai Mo Shan, and you’ll be rewarded with some of the best waterfalls Hong Kong has to offer. The biggest waterfall is a dramatic 35 metres tall, and is truly incredible to see. The path up is steep, but once you’re up there you cool off in the pools and enjoy the view. Make it a whole day affair and pay a visit to the nearby Man Tak Yuen temple.

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All photos are the rights of their respective owners.